When asked to name an iconic vehicle from pop culture, there are more than enough to keep us busy for days. However, to narrow it down a little, we’ll focus on the vans that we have seen on TV. Fans of the Scooby-Doo franchise will say it’s the Mystery Machine, which is still up for debate as to what the real-life model would be. Meanwhile, another one comes from the TV series called The A-Team. This time it is 1983 GMC Vandura which is getting a rework under the supervision of Yasid design.

An automotive concept artist by trade, Yasid Oozeear usually works with high-performance supercars and import rides. On the other hand, he occasionally dabbles with trucks and vans for overlanding purposes. This theme is clear once you inspect that modifications that this custom 1983 GMC Vandura comes with. Unlike his work on rides built for speed and handling, this project is more about ground clearance and rugged mobility.

The shop throws in a robust suspension system, that sits on a set of five-spoke wheels with chunky all-terrain tires. To accommodate this larger-than-life configuration, adjustments to the wheel wells were a requirement. The flares are minimal, but it does not take away from the overall aesthetics of the van.

Yasid Design also envisions the 1983 GMC Vandura with a winch, and tow hooks that enhance the front fascia. For outdoor adventures even in low-light conditions, LED headlights and lightbar will illuminate whatever is in front. As for the interior, you can find a roll-cage to reinforce the structure and a heavy dose of crimson. Another awesome machine that we can only hope to have in our driveway or garage.

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Images courtesy of Yasid Design