The humble trailer hitch is exactly what its name says, which is fine by everyone’s standards. Nevertheless, some brilliant minds out there are coming up with new ways to use the connector. Aside from hauling what it is meant to do, some folks are using it to mount gas grills, loading ramps, and so much more. Yakima presents a highly modular cargo system that expands what your vehicle can typically carry. The company is calling it the Exo.

According to Yakima, the Exo can practically give owners up to 20 configurations that would suit their needs. The star of the show here is the Exo SwingBase, which acts as the blank canvas for your art. However, instead of brushes and paints, you get to mess around with the add-ons to craft the perfect setup for your gear.

After connecting it to your standard 2-inch trailer hitch, the next step is to figure out the best mix. There are several reasons to use the Exo instead of the roof rack, which one should consider. It keeps your cargo accessible, it is swappable to another vehicle, and it can handle heavier loads. Yakima even offers the TopShelf attachment, which is great if you plan to bring along more than the usual gear on your trip.

The robust construction lets you effortlessly swing it to one side so you can access the rear of the pickup truck or SUV. If you need to keep stuff away from the elements, the GearLocker is the way to go. If exposure is not an issue, then the GearWarrior and its WarriorWheels should do the trick. There are even more for you to play around with, which makes the Yakima Exo dynamic cargo solution.

Configure it now: here

Images courtesy of Yakima