Thought initially as no more than a passing fad, the electric bike has undergone some sort of rigorous revitalization and is now seen as something cool, even necessary. Problem is they can get really expensive if you’re not looking at the right options, but the Xmera Bionic hopes the change that.

As more mainstream bike manufacturers jump aboard the electric bike hype train, it becomes harder to sift through the perfect one to suit your needs. But consider the Xmera Bionic bike as a sterling candidate. It’s nimble, has a fairly compact profile, and does all you expect an electrike bike would be capable of doing.

It looks different — in a good way. Resembling a scrambler instead of a classic pedal model, this bike is like a motorcycle with the tank missing — that’s no shade, though. The look is fitting and unique, not stunted. There’s an electric pedal onboard, plus tracking functionalities for heart rate, distance, calories burned, and more.

You even get a fitness band that sends information to the bike, which then adjusts pedal assist levels if necessary. You can pick between the two models. One’s a 750-watt beast that goes up to 120 miles on a full charge, the better but costlier option. You can even opt for a backup battery if you want to squeeze even more miles out of this bad boy.

Hit the link below to check the campaign on Indiegogo. As of this writing, the Xmeria Bionic has already rushed past its goal with a month left. That says a lot about the demand for electric bikes with off-kilter designs.