It’s not often that you come across an electric bike that blends cutting-edge technology with classic aesthetics. However, it looks like the Pure Cycles CAPACITA might be an exception for now. Unlike conventional purely pedal-powered options, electric motor-assisted models are fast becoming the urban transport of choice for a lot of city-dwelling folks. It’s obvious that nobody wants to sweat it out pedaling up steep inclines on their way to work or wherever their destination might be.

Despite its humble appearance, we were told that the CAPACITA is built for performance. While most electric bikes are for taking passengers to where they’re going, this one also considers cargo. At any given time, you might be carrying extra stuff that you can’t just throw into a backpack or bag. Therefore, this eco-friendly ride offers ample space up front and on the rear. This makes it a reliable workhorse for some of you who want to use it for more than just your daily commute.

The built-in electric motor is a 350W 42V rear hub Bafang model. Powering this capable unit is a 42V 10 Ah 40-cell Samsung rechargeable battery. We were wrong to think that this vintage-looking bike might be featherweight warrior. The Pure Cycles CAPACITA boasts a payload capacity of 350 lbs, which is hardly what you would call a pushover. A full charge nets you an estimated range of 40 miles, but it can change depending on the various riding modes. Lastly, you can cruise around in style with a top speed of 20 mph.

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Images courtesy of Pure Cycles