Ever since trade restrictions took effect in 2019, Huawei’s popularity has dropped in major markets across the globe. With its rival out the way, Xiaomi finally takes the coveted spotlight. Outside of its home country, not many know that it sells more than just smartphones. In fact, it also deals in lifestyle products and other electronics. To beef up your home security, the company introduces Smart Door Lock X.

These days, security cameras, smart doorbells, and smart locks are the most versatile and convenient platforms readily available. If you’re after another upgrade for your smart home, then the Smart Door Lock X seems like a great option for tech-savvy users. 

As more people ditch traditional methods, Xiaomi’s new device seems like an all-in-one solution. The Smart Door Lock X comes in two sections. The one with a manual lock goes inside, while the other attaches outside your door. The exterior unit packs a collection of sensors set horizontally near the topmost section.

The 3D structured light face recognition system is composed of an RGB camera, a light sensor, a proximity sensor, a dot projector, infrared light, an infrared camera. After initial setup, it stores all data locally as another layer of home security. This ensures biometrics are never at risk of being stolen.

The proximity sensor detects when someone is at the door and automatically scans their facial features. Upon recognition, it automatically disengages the latch. Aside from facial recognition, owners can also type in a passcode or use their fingerprints to unlock.

Owners can also use their smartphones via Bluetooth and NFC to enter their homes. Finally, the built-in 6,250 mAh battery of the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X  should last up to six months on a full charge.  

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Images courtesy of Xiaomi