Although most of the tech showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 was geared toward humans, there were a few oddball exceptions that had our pets in mind. You’ve likely seen automated and connected food or snack dispensers that allow owners to monitor or even video their furry companions. Meanwhile, the Flappie is a clever solution for a specific issue with cats.

Dogs have their own set of challenges at home but can be trained to curb unwanted behaviors. Our feline friends, on the other hand, are generally more carefree. They just tend to follow their instincts and it can be frustrating for owners in the long term. Thankfully, artificial intelligence is here to the rescue.

The Flappie is a high-tech pet door armed with a camera that quickly scans your cat before entry. Think of it as a sentry of sorts which verifies in real time if the little furball has brought a prey item along. The system is capable of identifying birds, mice, and other small critters. Once detected, access is revoked immediately.

“Through push notifications, you receive exciting analyses, videos, and photos of your cat from the Flappie app, and can control all settings of the cat flap remotely,” reads the product description. Studies tell us they do this to share their catch with us and as a gesture of trust. Over time, they’ll hopefully outgrow this habit.

The company assures buyers that all data collected by the Flappie are never stored outside of the platform’s control. Hence we are assured everything remains confidential. Just like any typical pet door, the installation process should be easy enough to follow. Delivers are slated to start this spring.

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Images courtesy of Flappie