Now that most homes rely on security cameras to deter criminal activities, we have begun to spot some flaws. Unless you have installed enough of these devices to cover every viewpoint, Amazon might have a clever solution on hand. After its debut at the online retail giant’s hardware event in 2020, we can now finally order the Ring Always Home Cam.

Before you splurge your savings on this new gadget, take note that there are still early-adopter caveats here. Nonetheless, the manufacturer hints that a future update might address these issues. What the Always Home Cam brings to the table is versatility for your home security framework.

Ring is giving their indoor security camera an awesome upgrade. With the capabilities of a quadcopter, you can assign a flight path for it to follow that gives you a real-time view of the residence. The onboard camera gets a resolution bump from 1080p to 1400 x 1400.

An LED module can even light up dark areas of the house so you can spot all the essential details. Users can easily pair it with Ring’s ecosystem alarms, which allows it automatically surveys the situation when one is triggered.

When it comes to obstacles, the Always Home Cam is programmed to return to its charging base if something blocks its flight path. If for some reason a gust of wind from a fan or other external forces affects performance, it will carefully land somewhere safe.

You are always in full control of privacy as it never records video or audio unless you tell it to. For now, the self-flying security camera can only operate on a single floor. The Always Home Cam is a promising platform and we hope Ring adds even more functionality in the future.

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Images courtesy of Ring