Earlier this year, at CES 2020, almost every other brand had new TVs and display technology on show. LG was showcasing its rollable OLED panel, Samsung had The Wall, and so much more. The event was practically so full of flexible screens which even dribbled down to more portable devices such as smartphones. Several months into the year, Xiaomi takes a bold step forward to give us one of the most stunning premium televisions ever – the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition.

The name alone already tells us what it is ready to offer. Engineers were probably thinking of ways to ensure that TVs do not block the user’s view when not in use. Even if mount it on a wall, any regular model just turns into a large black slate when it is off.

Although some manufacturers have turned to other workarounds (motorized, pop-up, and rollable configuration), Xioami’s is perhaps the simplest yet elegant. You’re getting a 55-inch panel with super-thin bezels all around. If you’re wondering where all the ports and internal circuitry have gone, everything sits inside the stylish base stand.

The Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition is a perfect entertainment upgrade for homes that have a view. While it’s operational, you can bask in the vivid visuals moving at a buttery-smooth 120-Hz refresh rate. Moreover, it supports Dolby Atmos, which is a must for those who love the acoustic clarity it offers. Xiaomi is initially launching this beautiful piece of technology in China on August 16. Given the unique feature it promises, it won’t be long before retailers around the globe will have it as well.

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Images courtesy of Xiaomi