Bang & Olfusen has been making some of the most premium and aesthetically pleasing products for a long time now. In fact, a few of its top-notch gadgets have been gracing our pages every now and then. While many know the brand for its high-end audio systems and devices, it might be time for it to dabble in something else again. We all know that this manufacturer produces items that are on a luxury level. As such, it is expanding its catalog with Beovision Harmony.

For those who only know about its speakers, this would obviously come as a surprise. Nevertheless, Bang & Olufsen is touting an 8K OLED TV that comes in three sizes to meet your needs. Now that home entertainment is in such high demand these days due to the ongoing health crisis, this might just be the one you were meant to own.

The panel appears to be 4K for some sizes, but we do know that the biggest one boasts the highest resolution. Moreover, buyers can also choose from four distinct designs that would all look great with any décor. What makes the Beovision Harmony so awesome is how it stays inconspicuous when it’s not in use. However, the moment it turns on is when the mechanical magic happens.

It could be wall-mounted or just set on the floor, but the smooth motion of the speakers as they part is mesmerizing. Likewise, as this happens, the display appears to rise up and everything becomes an artistic entertainment centerpiece. All that’s left is to wirelessly pair the Beovision Harmony with other Bang & Olufsen wireless speakers for a complete cinematic experience.

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Images courtesy of Bang & Olfusen