Until health officials declare it is safe to resume our routine before the outbreak, our homes continue to be our refuge from infections. As such, it would be a good idea to keep our surroundings fresh so as not to let boredom take over. Sprucing up our living room would be a nice change of scenery and the Wrensilva Loft Record Console is hitting two birds with one stone in our opinion

With no end in sight yet for the ongoing pandemic, we are once again sequestered in our residences. Experts recommend that people find new ways to entertain themselves. It could be through reading books, watching movies/TV shows, playing video games, playing instruments, or listening to music.

With the resurgence of popularity regarding the vinyl records, turntables have been making their way back as a platform of choice for audiophiles. What makes the Wrensilva Loft Record Console a great option is the versatility it brings to the table. When not in use it looks like your typical stylish console table. It comes in a North American Walnut and Ebonized Oak grille colorway.

Designed for homes with smaller spaces the Wrensilva Loft Record Console can easily fit in most living arrangements. There’s nothing stopping you from putting it in your man cave or alternative entertainment areas. It boasts 100 watts per channel amplifier, compatibility with SONOS audio systems, Bluetooth connectivity.

When you’re ready to listen to your record collection, just lift the top up and the turntable sits within. The plinth and the surrounding frame is wooden, while the tonearm and platter are in black. Meanwhile, the control knobs and switches are in silver. Finally, the Wrensilva Loft Record Console even has enough space to hold up to 60 vinyl albums.

Purchase now – $4,999

Images courtesy of Wrensilva