A true audiophile knows what it means to listen to great quality music especially those that come from vinyl records. And any vinyl enthusiast knows the importance of keeping records pristine. Wet pads are not enough and they need a thorough cleaning. For this, trust the Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine.

This newest offering from the trusted brand not only cleans 12″ 10″ and 7″ records but also 5″ digital discs. It cleans both digital and analog: CDs, Blu Ray, games, data, and more. It does not use buffer thread for washing and drying but uses a point suction system and vacuum for precise clean. With an enhanced 360-degree fluid pickup, and double for drier records, you can be certain of no re-contamination every record, every time.

The Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine gives you both sides of the record or discs washed and dry in less than 5 minutes. This is an ideal machine for the bedroom and in stores because of its super silent operation and compact size at just 22″ W x 6″ H x 9″ D. It also only weighs 11 lbs.

Best of all, it is a conversation starter. The combination of bamboo and modern decor (RGB lighting) gives it an elegant appeal. The cabinet, main hardware, lid cover, and washing accessories are made from bamboo which is noise absorbing, moisture resistant, anti-static, and durable. Then you can control the lights with an IR remote handset to give it a unique aesthetic. The Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine works on a 12V power with an input of 100-250V 50/60H.

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Images courtesy of Keith Monks