The first-ever all-digital Consumer Electronics Show is barely a week away and we can’t wait to see all the latest tech and gadgets. Normally, smartphones, TVs, and home appliances draw a lot of attention, but the organizers also highlight some of the more unique items. Take for example the WOWCube System which is one of the upcoming event’s Innovation Awards honorees. So, what exactly does It do? Let’s find out together, shall we?

This cool tech toy is the idea of Savva Osipov, who with the help of his father, Ilya Osipov crafted the first prototype in 2017. The WOWCube System looks like a 2×2 Rubik’s cube at first glance, but it is something else entirely. You see, there are a total of 24 IPS panels that cover all sides of each segment. A total of 8 microprocessors are inside to run the software and keep track of the inputs.

You won’t find any buttons on the WOWCube System. Instead, the user can turn it on by just twisting any section. Although it seems like it, the screens are not touch-sensitive. To interact with the menu and games, one needs to either twist or shake the device. What it does differently is delivering a platform that mixes traditional puzzle-solving mechanics with a digital backbone.

Therefore, the immersive nature of the toy can encourage kids and adults to play together and promote learning. To upload new apps and configure some settings, owners can use the companion app on their compatible iOS/Android device. The WOWCube System uses a Bluetooth connection for data transfer and more. We can’t wait to see developers unlock its potential once units ship out to consumers.

Learn more about it: here

Images courtesy of CubiOs Inc.