Since Frederick Ehrsam first introduced the Woodman’s Pal in 1941, it has consistently been rated as the best machete in the world and is the favored choice for forestry, agricultural, and military applications.

The Woodman’s Pal Premium Machete ($100) you see here comes in two sizes but the Military style 284 has features that even top the 481 Classic. The 1/8″ thick, 11-1/2″long blade is made of annealed high carbon steel hardened to Rockwell C47 and given a rust and corrosion-resistant powder coating finish. In addition to the long chopping edge, the Woodman’s Pal has a unique sickle hook on the back side tip for catching and removing vines, briers, and ground-level sprouts.

The 5″ handle is covered with a soft leather grip and has a steel knuckle guard for extra hand & finger protection. A 1″ safety toe extends out from the top side. There are four sheath styles and materials available to choose from: leather, treated leather, nylon, or canvas. In the Woodman’s Pal’s sixty years, this grandaddy of machetes has shown that with proper care, it will provide more than a single lifetime’s service. It might just inspire you to build your own Woodman’s Treehouse.