Normally, people consider a watch valuable when not everyone can afford it. Sure, luxury-tier models are immediately identified as such, but there are some regular timepieces that are precious to their owners for personal reasons. Hence, much like jewelry and other priceless items, the Churchill watch safe by WOLF might be what you need.

With 185 years of experience under its belt, WOLF wants to craft a reliable and visually stunning coffer for your most treasured belongings. Using only the most durable materials and components, the Churchill is a top-shelf choice for anyone.

The manufacturer is forging the Churchill in steel with 9 bi-directional steel bolts holding everything together. It is using Sargent and Greenleaf keypads, which are some of the best names in vault and safe technology out there. Lush materials like top-grain cow leathers and rare wood give the watch safe an exquisite vibe.

It measures 65 x 21.25 x 29.25 inches (H x L x D) and weighs a hefty 1025 lbs. Nobody wants a large metal monolith to stand out from their average home décor. WOLF encourages its clients to choose the best design that will allow the watch safe to blend inconspicuously.

With the Churchill’s door wide open, the interior setup shows multiple watch winders or drawers. Once more, WOLF says it is your call to configure based on what you need. Nubuck leather with visible stitching reminds us that this is one elegant product.

Users can control the winding mechanisms via Bluetooth with help of a companion app. This is one cutting-edge protection system to keep your investments where you want them to be. Similar to the pricey timepieces it will hold, the WOLF Churchill is something only a few can afford.

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Images courtesy of WOLF