Here’s a whimsical device that not only makes toilet time fun and enjoyable, but it also makes everyone in the household happy. The Whizz Bang challenges your marksmanship and turns every trip to the toilet into a game.

This device uses LED light to help you not miss your target, which is the center of the toilet and not anywhere around its edges or the seat The light functions as the bull’s eye, thus it’s imperative that you mount the device properly on its ideal place on the toilet seat. The game starts once the Whizz Bang activates and the light challenges you to aim straight into the toilet.

Now, as with any game where there is a winner, there is also a prize. Every successful aim receives a musical praise from the device.

So how does it work? The unit uses an infrared transmitter and receiver to detect a hit marksmanship. The transmitted signal focuses on the target light and eliminates any movement outside of the target area. A built-in software then interprets the transmitted signal and filters out any reflections that do not share the same signature as that of a stream of urine or water.

The idea for the Whizz Bang came from the minds of three dads who got tired of foul-smelling bathrooms and cleaning up after their sons’ trip to the toilet. They created it to help potty train young boys for a less messy and fun trip to the toilet. However, everyone in the family can benefit from it too, even grown men who should know better than to shoot from the hip.

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Photos Courtesy of Whizz Bang