When your name is as synonymous with the outdoors and camping as Coleman Company’s you are expected to provide extremely useful gear. Their latest campsite addition, the Coleman Quad LED Lantern, ($58) serves in several ways.

The complete lantern stands (or hangs) just under 12″ and runs on eight D-cell batteries. It runs for 75 hours at 190 lumens of diffused LED light. What makes it unique is that each of the four sides, containing six LED lights, can be unclipped from the lantern and used independently as a wayfinder, flashlight, or illumination for other areas. Each panel will recharge once returned to the base and has a convenient carry handle, an independent on/off switch, and a NiMH battery that provides 1.5 hours of 47.5 lumens.

The Coleman Quad LED Lantern is water-resistant against rain & splashing, it comes with a five-year limited warranty, and its lights are designed to last a lifetime with no need for replacement bulbs. At just over six pounds with the D-cells onboard, this lantern will not weigh you down while spreading light all around your campsite and beyond.