There are so many ways to enjoy whiskey. Those who regularly sip the amber spirit will tell you how it enhances certain flavors. It’s likely that you’ve already tried coffee liqueur – neat or in a cocktail perhaps. If not, then let the Whistle Pig x Mr Black Barrel Aged Coffee Liqueur give you a most pleasant experience.

As far as we can remember, people have been mixing coffee with whiskey or the other way around. Not only does it add to the warmth but also packs a punch depending on how much you drink. That leads us to this wonderful concoction by our friends from Down Under with the help of the Vermont-based distillery.

The journey of the Whistle Pig x Mr Black Barrel Aged Coffee Liqueur begins with the containers. For this collaboration, oak barrels which once housed the famous American rye whiskey are shipped to the Australian distillery. Then these are filled up with the latter’s signature blend and aged for nine months.

This process imparts notes of honey, rye spice, vanilla, oak, smoke, and dark coffee. You can enjoy its bold profile on the rocks, and it will also enhance any cocktail that requires it. We have yet to get our hands on one, but we’ll take Mr Black’s word for it.

It comes in the same bottle as its regular cold brew coffee liqueur, but the label will tell you that it’s special. There’s an artwork of a pig with a barrel for a body and a text that reads “a rare breed” right below it. So far, the first batch of Whistle Pig x Mr Black Barrel Aged Coffee Liqueur is all sold out. You can sign up for alerts when they have more bottles available once more.

Buy – $59.99

Images courtesy of Mr Black