Fans of Japanese heritage denim brand Momotaro will love the WESN x Momotaro Micro Blade. This pocket knife maintains blade quality WESN fans have grown to love while paying homage to the fashion outlet’s iconic white stripes logo.

This limited edition version of WESN’s spectacular EDC knife boasts a titanium body for a portable carry. It is lightweight at just 1 oz and quite compact that it fits nicely along with your house keys in a key ring. It also seamlessly slides in and out of your pocket jeans and feels ergonomically efficient in the hands.

This pocket knife measures just 2.25 inches when closed and 3.75 inches when opened. The blade is only 1.5 inches long and made from AUS8 heat-treated steel. It may be a compact knife albeit it operates just like any full-size knife “but at a fraction of the weight.”

The WESN x Momotaro Micro Blade features stainless steel hardware and uses Grade 5 titanium for the body for portability and strength. The blade swivels in and out via frame lock and the knife comes with a pocket clip and keychain hole for added portability. Meanwhile, an all-natural leather sheath with a leather cord keeps it safe and secure when not in use. The sheath also has a hole to tether to a lanyard, paracord, keyring, or carabiner.

This version of the Micro Blade incorporates Momotaro’s emblem on the handle. Instead of just the plain smooth finish, you also have the white stripes painted on the handle. The WESN x Momotaro Micro Blade is the perfect keychain carry for knife enthusiasts who want nothing but the best from their gear.

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The WESN x Momotaro Micro Blade The WESN x Momotaro Micro Blade The WESN x Momotaro Micro Blade The WESN x Momotaro Micro Blade

The WESN x Momotaro Micro Blade

Images courtesy of WESN