The WESN Ti QR Keychain (Titanium Quick Release) replaces your plastic and other flimsy keychains or key rings. This everyday carry ensures durability and security so you never have to worry about your key fobs crumbling with age over prolonged use.

This key holder uses two individual milled pieces of titanium heat-treated together to form one robust construction guaranteed for life. The use of titanium not only makes it durable but also lightweight so you don’t have to worry about the added heft.

Best of all, unlike any other of its kind, the WESN Ti QR Keychain boasts a minimalist design yet utilizes a practical application. Its design makes it easy for you to separate your office key, house key, car key and more. Both ends feature a lanyard or ring hole so you can distinguish keys from each other.

Moreover, this EDC essential, as its name implies, employs a quick-release mechanism for ease of access. A simple press and push upward on the thump slot found in the middle separates the two pieces. The pieces are also held securely together so you don’t have to worry about them inadvertently releasing even after prolonged use.

This unique product is not just lightweight but also designed to slip easily in your pocket. It lays flat so it doesn’t add bulk on top of your set of keys.

The WESN Ti QR Keychain is the last quick release keychain you’ll ever buy. It even comes in two variants: Gun Metal and Matte Black to suit your personal style.

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WESN Ti QR Keychain WESN Ti QR Keychain WESN Ti QR Keychain

WESN Ti QR Keychain

Images courtesy of WESN