This pandemic has us missing watching movies on the big screen with sound surround unless you’re one of the elite who has a theater room. For others, a projector is a good replacement but you don’t want just any. You want one that’s guaranteed to make viewing pleasurable and not a burden to the eyes just like what the WeMax Dice Portable Smart Projector provides.

This gear projects 1080P FHD pictures and even supports 4K videos to massive 120-inch display size. This is excellent for movie date nights in the backyard, garden, or anywhere you want. This device basically turns any part of your home into a mini-theater. What makes it even better than other portable projectors is its connectivity to both Android and iOS. This makes movie watching convenient as you can easily stream movies or videos stored on your phone sans the need for external supporting drives.

Moreover, the WeMax Dice Portable Smart Projector provides a bright, sharp, and clear display for both day and night use. It comes with built-in 700 ANSI lumens, TI DLP technology, and NTSC>85% for brilliant and enhanced color spectrum. It even has auto-focus and 40° keystone correction for crystal clear visuals at any angle.

This device also has Google Assistant ready on its companion remote control. It comes with 16GB of memory and over 5000 apps to choose from including Google Play, Spotify, YouTubeTV, and more. Its compact size with added carrying handle makes it ideal to bring to work for PowerPoint presentations or at family gatherings. The WeMax Dice Portable Smart Projector even doubles as a portable charger with its 3-hour battery pack.

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Images courtesy of WeMax