he advent of the smartphone was a great step forward in our lives. They allow us to be connected constantly to the world around us. These devices gave us the chance to check up on our friends, to book tickets on a whim. They even allowed us to time it so that we could order pizza that arrived exact moment we got back home. Obviously, they have to charge, otherwise you cannot use them at all. This is where Anker portable chargers managed to shine the most.

Batteries cannot stay charged all day long, even for the best of phones.

The portable charger wasn’t always present. While many were able to plug into cigarette lighting areas in your vehicle, this was as portable as things were for some time. That was until the last decade when new and inventive chargers came forward. Anker stepped up in this time.

They allowed us not to care about our low battery issues and kill anxiety as a result. They’re easy to carry, compact, and packed with more power than you could imagine.

They’re useful and integral to our daily lives now. In fact, it might be a tough thing to find someone without a portable charger of any kind. Even those who claim to never let their phone battery dip too far during the day likely has a charger in their car for emergencies.

Few better companies make these chargers better than Anker, who got into charger business in 2011. This is why we wanted to do a complete buying guide about this. We know the best versions may be hard to find, so we wanted to help. We found 13 that should suit every need.

Before we go into that, we need to check out some FAQs first.

What’s so good about the Anker brand?

Steven Yang founded Anker in 2011. You might recognize him as a former Google employee, which is not surprising. A number of their employees have gone on to have huge success outside of Google. His company, Anker, has quickly become one of the most popular and successful electronics brands in the world.

From its office in Shenzhen, China, it began as a means to disrupt the techcessory oligarchy. For some time, this had been dominated by Apple, Google, and Samsung, among others.

Anker managed to do better than anyone could have anticipated.

From portable chargers, Bluetooth speakers, USB cables and anything else you can think of, they’ve carved out a solid wedge of the market share. You could easily find their products in dorm rooms, backpacks, and office spaces all across the world.

The question is, how has a company that is less than a decade old managed to make it big so fast? This is mostly due to one of the reasons Yang splintered off from Google in the first place, the prices.

Anker products are cheaper than their counterparts. With Anker, you’re not paying for the name, despite how great it has become as a brand now.

You’re paying for a great product, which allowed them to stand out.

This isn’t a brand that sells subpar products with a celebrity name attached, all designed to attract the attention of naive, ignorant kids. Unlike brands like Beats by Dre, Anker is a company that prides itself on simplicity.

They aren’t going to revolutionize the world of technology right off, but they never set out to do so.

Instead, the company just wants to provide you with the products that make life easier. Isn’t that what tech is supposed to do, anyway?

What are the main benefits of Anker portable chargers?

There’s a reason that everyone you see every single day will have their trusty charger tucked carefully away in their backpack. They’ve become essential lifesavers when it comes to charging a device. They have helped people out of a mire of screen anxiety on a number of occasions.

As we mentioned, Anker is one of the big boys in the portable charger field. This is likely why so many have quite literally bought in and sought out their chargers for some time.

However, the overall portable charger market is huge. Here are the main reasons why.

Charge Anywhere, Anytime:

One of the main reasons that anyone buys a portable charger is the ability to charge their device wherever they please. If you commonly have a low battery due to overuse of your phone, or your battery just sucks, you need a charger around.

Your friends likely chastise you about it and make fun of how you’re always playing too much Candy Crush. This could very well be why you’re always on a low battery.

However, batteries often run low just for being on. Seriously, most Android phones run low on power throughout the day just due to being on and sort of being in use. There are a few things you can do to slow this down, like take your location off or put your phone in “airplane mode.”

Still, you’re going to use your phone and need a charge.

Anker portable chargers, as well as many others, will be there when you need it. Anytime, anywhere, they’ll be a huge assist.

Multiple Ports:

A big issue comes up at times when you need to charge your phone, but your friend also needs to. This is when multiple ports come in handy, which many of the Anker portable chargers have in play. While most chargers people use will be a single port, as they are often supplied with the phone, those you buy separate often have more.

We don’t expect everyone to be a Good Samaritan and allow others to use your charger to charge up their low battery.

However, if you did decide to let someone use your charger then we’re sure those multiple ports would be a huge asset.

The real thing to worry about is whether or not they’ll want to take that thing with them. Keep an eye out!

Universal Capabilities:

What if your future or current spouse has an Android while you have an iPhone? What if you and your new girlfriend or boyfriend have this issue? Heck, what if grandma had this problem…could you deny assisting her?

With Anker portable chargers and many others, this doesn’t matter. Many of them have universal compatibility to charge any type of phone. As long as they have a USB cable that connects to their specific phone, they can plug it into the charger. Huzzah!


We believe that many people may have avoided getting a portable charger due to believing that they are too expensive. This is not an uncommon response for any purchase about, well, most things. It’s especially an issue when it comes to technology.

The reason for this is lack of knowledge of a product and, as an addition to this, lack of research on it.

When it comes to portable chargers, you can find many for a cheaper price. At least cheaper than you might expect. Not all of these chargers will be top notch, but they get the job done. When it comes to Anker portable chargers, they might be a slightly higher expense.

However, even they are not outside most budgets. Remember, that is the entire Anker ideology.

Charges Different Devices:

While Anker portable chargers, as well as several others, are designed to charge up the average cell phone, this is not their only function. In fact, you can also use it to charge tablets, e-cigarettes, controllers (like the Nintendo Switch), and basically anything that has a USB port.

Seriously, think of anything you want that you normally charge containing a USB port. Yes, the portable charger will charge it. Think of another. Got it yet? Good. It’ll charge that one too! Starting to get the picture?


Anker portable chargers, like other chargers, are much more rugged than most seem to think. People use these things all over the world, taking them into some insanely different environments. People may take them overseas with them, which may result in the plane or ship ride over causing the charger to get beaten up.

Others may take it to work them, which could even be a dangerous environment like construction. Heck, many take them into the wilderness for use while out camping or going on a hike. Clearly, devices being charged on these adventures would be useful.

Of course, the possible things one can come into contact with here are vast.

There’s no telling what could happen as you go about your day, so it’s a good thing they’re designed to withstand all kinds of abuse. They come with a durable casing that protects them from abrasions and scratches in your bag. This means they should keep it safe if dropped.

However, let’s just be clear that we’re not encouraging you to test out this theory.

Low Energy Consumption:

Being able to run for a long time, Anker portable chargers, as well as others, use less power than you might expect. This can benefit you by helping you save on electricity bills, or from frying up other charging devices.

Of course, they generally contribute to a healthier planet due to so many not needing to be plugged in to charge stuff.

Some portable chargers are even solar powered! Needless to say, you’ll be doing even more for the environment if you invest in one of those.

What are the main things to consider when buying Anker portable chargers?

If you’ve decided you cannot handle the idea of having your battery nearly die or actually die on you, we understand. You’ve come to the right place, as we’re here to help you make the right decision to save you from this.

It takes a big man to realize where they’ve gone wrong and an even bigger man to admit his failings.

Before you take that leap and join us in the 21st Century by purchasing your shiny new charger, you’ll need to be sure what to look for. This is something many make the mistake of not doing before they purchase technology of any kind.

We didn’t want you to go into this blind.

That said, we’ve come up with everything you need to consider before buying Anker portable chargers or any charger for that matter. Check this out and learn what you can in order to pick the best product for you!


Depending on the size of the portable charger you’re looking for, you’ll need to consider just how portable it is. As a rule, all of these chargers are portable, but some are more than others. This is because of the size and weight of the charger.

Of course, this will determine whether or not you can fit it in your pocket, or if you’ll need to bring a backpack with you.

Obviously, we understand if certain models are too heavy or bulky to carry with ease. Often, these are used at homes or office buildings rather than on a camping adventure. This is why you need to look out for the type of charger you need.

That way, if a certain weight and size are a no-go for you, it can be addressed BEFORE you buy.


The capacity refers to how much power is contained within the charger itself. This determines how many full charges it can carry out before you need to recharge the actual charger again.

Typically, you’ll see them boasting of 5,000 mAh, 10,000 mAh, 20,000 mAh, and sometimes even more.

These numbers and letter might not mean anything to you, but they can give you a decent indication of how powerful the bank is. The higher the mAh, the more charges it can do. However, you’ll need to remember that this will also make it larger and heavier.

Number of Ports:

When they were first released, these types of chargers contained one port for charging your device and one port for charging the bank itself. This was often the two main ports for the average charger. Over time, as the technology became more sophisticated and people demanded more, manufacturers began improving the designs.

One of these improvements was adding a second USB port. While not considered revolutionary to some today, it was a big breakthrough in that time. Now, you’re unlikely to find a big charger like one of these that doesn’t have at least two charging ports.

This is great news for anyone who constantly has people in their life that needs to charge their phone or other technology. You’ll be seen as a lifesaver, revered as a God of Energy, and welcomed anywhere that people spend most of the time on their phones.

Having two ports increases your charging options, and will make you some friends too.

Charge Time:

An average wall charger has the ability to charge your phone in less than one hour. Whether it does or not is a different story, of course. While these chargers will not possess this kind of power, they still come with a decent enough charge that they’re worth purchasing.

Keep in mind, these are not using electricity from the wall to power items like those do.

Chances are you’ll not use it to charge your phone overnight, and you’ll only really use it as a useful top-up when the battery’s running low. Not many people use them to fully charge their phones, but if it can do it quicker then why not?

Depending on how low your battery level is, it can take anywhere between an hour to five hours to sufficiently charge your phone. Longer charge times are usually encountered in older phones or those with an extremely low battery.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll pay attention to your battery level and get it on the charger before the dreaded sub-15% level.

A portable charger is a must-have to get you out of sticky situation, or even just to give you peace of mind. No, it won’t charge insanely fast but it can still charge well. That is still a huge asset!

Bonus Features:

Along with the basic feature of charging your device, you can also look for chargers that come with helpful little bonuses.

These won’t be things that will change your life, but they’re still useful to have. You never know when you might need one of them. Some bonus features include LED torches, which can save your phone battery if you get lost in the woods at night.

There are some that will heat up, so you can use them to keep your hands warm during the winter. This may sound dangerous, but it’s actually not. Others that are built quite sturdy come with external casings that protect them from being dropped and smashed in one thousand pieces.

We all know someone who can’t seem to keep a device looking as good as new for more than a month or two. Maybe they could benefit with a portable charger that can look after itself.

What is Mah? What is the Mah range of Anker portable chargers?

It’s likely we confused you a bit earlier when we mentioned something known as “mAh.” Don’t worry if it made you scratch your head a bit, as we know many don’t know of this. That’s why you have us, remember? That said, let’s get into what this is.

The mAh name stands for milliAmpere hour or milliAmp hour. You can select the one you want to say depending on how much of a rush you’re in. You may have heard of each of those words individually, but you might not know what they mean together.

Let’s break it down for you.


This refers to one thousand of something. Think of the word “millennium” as a rule when you need to remember what “milli” actually means. The millennium comes every one thousand years, so that makes it easier to know about. The word milli comes from the Latin language, in case you’re wondering.

In Latin, the word is often spelled as “Mille,” which many would confuse for “mile” in the United States. This is why we took the “E” off the word when we brought it here as long as it was used in its solo and not combined usage.

It is part of the Metric System as well, which is used by most major developed or modern nations in the world.

Only the U.S. out of those nations has not gone with it. However, the nation did adopt words like “Milli” to its unit of measurement at times. Truly it all depends on how it is used, but the meaning never changed. It always meant “one thousandth” of something.

Ampere / Amp:

This is a unit of electrical current, named after Andre-Marie Ampere and known as the Father of Electrodynamics. Andre-Marie was able to measure the electromagnetic force between electrical conductors, which carried electrical current.

This is what he based an ampere on, thus, it is the base unit of measuring that exact thing.

This was key for the time, as CGS measurements had two different definitions of what “current” happened to be. One of those being the use of an electric charge as the base unit, not the force between that of which conducted it. That form measured the force of charge between two charged metal plates.

Thus, the unit of charge would be developed and called the “coulomb” as a result.

This became the base to most until the ampere came along. When the ampere came to be, it would go on to be defined as one coulomb(or unit) of charge per second. Meanwhile, the definition given by the International System of Units (SI) of a coulomb is the constant current of one ampere per second.

Thus, the ampere became the official base unit of electric current.

You’ve heard of amps used in music, right? Like, a guitarist talks about having a great amp to use where he can hear himself or herself in a great way. This is in the same line of thinking. Amplifiers, Amphitheaters, and so many other things use this very name and current measurement to work for its overall device or place.


This is likely the simplest of the overall mAh format, as an hour is relatively easy for people to know about. Let us break it down for those unaware. An hour is 60 minutes, 3,600 seconds, 3,600,00 milliseconds, and the time it takes to listen to Stairway to Heaven 8.9 times.

It is a relatively long song, we must admit.

Overall, an hour is a unit of time. It also helps us measure out our full days on Earth. 24 of them, for example, are an entire Earth day. We measure our time of sleep on them, and in the southern portion of the United States, it is even used as a category of direction “thataway.”

Overall, an hour is easy to know about. However, all the things we base it on to this day may be overlooked.

mAh versions to look for:

In Anker portable chargers, you’ll get a decent range of mAh capabilities that far outshine budget chargers you’ll find at the dollar store. We felt the best thing to do would be to show you a number of the things these chargers can do and the mAh capabilities behind them.

Check this out below.

5,000 mAh

6,000 mAh

6,700 mAh

10,000 mAh

10,050 mAh

15,600 mAh

20,000 mAh

20,100 mAh

22,000 mAh

Let The Juice Loose

It looks like you’ve completed our little crash course in all one needs to know about portable chargers and even Anker as a brand or business. It was a lot, but we’re glad you were able to stick around and learn a lot. Now, we feel it would be best to get on with the show if you will.

You came here to learn of some amazing Anker portable chargers, right?

We should not keep you any longer by continuing to discuss these battery-replenishing forms of technology. Obviously, the future looks bright and fully charged with one in your life. You’ll never miss a call, text, or cool social media post due to a dead battery again with one.

We could discuss this all day, that said, check out the 13 best Anker portable chargers on the market. We’re sure you’re going to find one or many that you’ll want to buy right away, we know we did!

1) Anker PowerCore AC Universal Portable Charger

mAh Capacity
7.1 x 4.7 x 1.2 inches

Our list of the best Anker portable chargers needs to start off hot. Few are better to do this with than the PowerCore AC Universal. Boasting a mass capacity of 22,000 mAh, it is one of the largest in Anker’s charger pool. In fact, it’s guaranteed to charge your smartphone in full a total of nine times!

Meanwhile, it can fully charge tablets five times. This is sure to eliminate battery anxiety like nothing you have ever seen before it.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of these Anker portable chargers is the AC port. This guarantees to charge your laptop in full up to 100% from a dead battery. Laptops, for those not in the know, often take the most juice to charge completely in full.

This means that these chargers can handle a tall task with ease.

It also means you won’t have to scour the nearest coffee shops or random isles in a store or public transit looking for a socket. We’ve all been there, right? Best of all, this is all done in a fast-charge system that will even utilize passthrough charging.

Literally, you can charge both the device AND the battery at the same time without a problem.

This Anker model is rugged, powerful, and full of features. If you want a portable charger capable of charging everything you have and still have room for more, this is the perfect one for you.

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  • AC port to charge laptops and other devices
  • Fast charge
  • Recharges in just 4 hours
  • Passthrough charging
  • Heavy and very large!


2) Anker PowerCore 10000

mAh Capacity
0.2 x 0.3 x 0.1 inches

The Anker PowerCore 10,000 portable charger clearly isn’t as massive as the previous model. However, these Anker portable chargers are quite powerful with their 10,000 mAh capability. It packs quite a punch and can charge your phone completely up to three and a half times.

In fact, this model only needs a few hours to fully charge it from zero as well.

It’s small, compact, and lightweight, which makes it perfect for taking wherever life directs you. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a plane, train, or automobile, or even just chilling at home. Overall, you’ll feel confident that this baby will be there to charge your phone when you need it.

This model offers multi-protection to help you out if something randomly goes wrong. It’s also able to prevent overheating, which is a huge plus with our precious devices linked up to it.

Although small, it’s still one of the very best chargers out there.

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  • Fast charging
  • High capacity means multiple device charges
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multiprotect features for safety
  • Only one USB port
  • Unclear directions for the inexperienced


3) Anker PowerCore 5000

mAh Capacity
5,000 mAh
1.3 x 1.3 x 4.2 inches

These Anker portable chargers are packed with features. This includes PowerIQ and High-Speed charging. That said, there is a lot to love inside this lipstick-shaped charger. Boasting 5,000 mAh, you’ll get a good charge life from it.

In fact, at least 2 full charges for your phone can be done with this item.

Its size makes it perfect to carry in your pocket without feeling like it’s weighing you down. Meanwhile, the compact, sleek design means it won’t get in the way of your phone, wallet, or keys.

This design has proven popular, too. When looking at reviews for Anker portable chargers, this model seems to always stand out. This is mostly due to the power it has in such a compact size. However, it’s much more than a mere style that should attract you to this charger.

Its fast-charging feature makes it beloved for those who need a quick, major charge. If you need to be on your phone at any available opportunity, this can help you make sure you never miss an update all day long.

That is hard to hate if you ask us.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Ideal for power users
  • High-speed charging with PowerIQ
  • 2 smartphone charges
  • Bulkier than the photos suggest


4) Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

mAh Capacity
15,600 mAh
6.5 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches

These Anker portable chargers come with 2 USB ports, PowerIQ, and Voltage Boost technology. They sport a massive 15,600 mAh level of charging capability, which makes it insanely useful and obviously powerful. This is a charger perfect for the digital nomads, or just nomads, among us.

Overall, this powerful accessory is a must-have for those who find themselves on-the-go more often than they get a chance to just sit back and relax. The PowerIQ feature identifies any connected device to provide a high-speed charge, this then combines with VoltageBoost to provide incredible results every time.

In addition to this, the dual USB ports provide versatility and allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. In fact, it doesn’t just charge them but rather, it does this all at the same speed!

These combined give you as many as six full charges and keep you connected wherever you are in the world.

If you frequently panic about battery life during long journeys, then this could be the solution to all your battery panic problems.

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  • 2 USB ports
  • Excellent for travelers
  • PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology
  • Offers as many as six phone charges
  • No rubber feet mean it’ll slide on surfaces


5) Anker PowerCore II 20000

mAh Capacity
20100 mAh
6.7 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches

These Anker portable chargers proudly boast a powerful 20,100 mAh capacity. The Anker PowerCore II portable charger is a slight but welcomed step up from the 20,000 version mentioned earlier.

This model comes with a host of upgrades that might make you think twice about the best charger for you.

With double-USB ports, as well as quick charging capabilities, we cannot find a lot to dislike with this item.

Anker has proven to be a reliable brand that develops products you can trust, and this is no different. It doesn’t just come complete with a range of excellent, powerful features. Rather, it also looks awesome too.

This is not a required trait for Anker portable chargers or any charger for that matter. However, we aren’t saying it hurts them either.

Combine those good looks with the battery life that will keep surprising you long after you’ve bought it. This only makes it a must-have for anyone searching for the right portable charger for them.

All of this does make this model a bit more expensive than others. However, we recommend you just do like the TV show Parks and Recreation says and “treat yo’ self”

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  • High capacity
  • Quick charge
  • 2 USB ports
  • Heavy


6) Anker PowerCore Fusion

mAh Capacity
5,000 mAh
2.8 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches

These Anker portable chargers might just be 5,000 mAh, but they’ll still serve you well. Especially during those days where you just never had the chance to charge your device.

The PowerCore Fusion brings together both traditional portable chargers and the familiarity of the wall-mount socket. This provides you with an unbeatable and convenient product that’ll work perfectly either at home or on the go.

This convenience is further enhanced by the double USB ports that will allow you to charge two devices at the same time. Meanwhile, when plugged into the wall, you can charge both your device and the chargers internal battery as well.

Of course, this takes away a lot of stress.

Portable chargers are great, but many people worry about what they’ll do when the battery for that runs out  Along with this, you’ll also be gifted fast-charging capabilities so you’ll be back to 100% in no time at all.

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  • Wall-charge capabilities
  • Can charge phone and internal battery at the same time
  • High-speed charging technology
  • Two USB ports
  • Not as durable as other chargers


7) Anker PowerCore II Slim 10000

mAh Capacity
10,000 mAh
5.4 x 2.6 x 0.6 inches

Sleek, slim, and lightweight, these Anker portable chargers bring the power of a 10,000 mAH to the party. This combines with the design of a much smaller battery to create an endlessly rewarding product.

It will charge Apple, Android, and anything else you throw its way. The charger manages to do this using Quick Charge technology to get you up and running in no time.

Providing as many as three charges for devices, you can always be ready to use your products when you want. All of this without falling below that shameful 15%. Meanwhile, the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold in your hand or slide into your pocket.

Overall, this is a marvelous product that proudly stands out against some of its bulkier competitors. Whoever said that bigger is better?

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  • Universal high-speed charging
  • 3 phone charges
  • Fast recharge
  • Only 1 USB port


8) Anker PowerCore Lite 10000

mAh Capacity
10,000 mAh
5.7 x 2.8 x 0.6 inches

When it comes to the best Anker portable chargers for less than $40, this could very well be what you’ve been searching for. Its size makes it a perfectly portable machine, making it easy to handle and take with you.

It even provides a strong level of 10,000 mAh within.

Meanwhile, the power within gives you as many as four charges, even when you’re staring down the barrel of 0%. This is so much more than a simple portable charger. It also comes with arguably unrivaled safety procedures to prevent any battery-based disasters.

Furthermore, the anti-slip casing means dropping these Anker portable chargers will be a rarity. That said, it’s sure to last much longer than your average smartphone will.

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  • Perfectly portable
  • Anti-slip grip casing
  • Nearly 4 phone charges
  • Only one USB port


9) Anker PowerCore II 6700

mAh Capacity
6,700 mAh
3.8 x 1.7 x 0.9 inches

Compact and portable, this Anker PowerCore II comes with 6,700 mAh power. While these Anker portable chargers might not be beasts of power like you might have seen already, they’re quite useful. Plus, they’re great to have on you when you’re out and about.

Especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere and your phone needs a charge.

In fact, it can completely charge a phone twice from the 0% level. It also has a super quick recharging time thanks to the PowerIQ function. Plus, you won’t feel like you’re carrying a brick around with this. The light nature of the product makes it one of the most mobile items on this guide.

You can keep an eye on charging level all while keeping it safe in your pocket, just don’t forget it’s there.

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  • Compact and portable
  • Battery level indicator
  • Fast recharging time
  • 2 phone charges
  • Gets hot when charging


10) Anker PowerCore+ 20100

mAh Capacity
20,100 mAh
7.2 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches

At 16 ounces, these Anker portable chargers are insanely light. It might shock you to learn that this product is actually one of the heavier models on the list, despite this. It’s quite shocking to that the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 is randomly one of the heaviest chargers on the market.

Clearly not a big deal in weight, yet that shows you the light nature of these Anker products.

What may also surprise people is the level of power this little thing provides. As its name suggests, it boats a 20,100 mAh power level. This gives you hours of charging ability, but an added bonus if the PowerIQ technology that provides a faster charge for your devices.

The quick recharge function of the charger itself is another great feature. This allows you to have your charger ready to go within a few hours at the latest. In fact, this item charges up 20% faster than similar products.

This makes it perfect for in-office charging, allowing you to take it on your way back home.

These Anker portable chargers are some of the most recommended chargers in the world. That said, we cannot see a reason to doubt the world on this one.

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  • Massive capacity
  • Over 7 charges
  • Rapid recharge function
  • USB-C compatible
  • Very heavy


11) Anker PowerCore+ 10500 Premium

mAh Capacity
10,050 mAh
3.8 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches

The little brother to the PowerCore+ 20100, this 10,500 mAh device combines three fast-charging technologies. This is able to give you one of the most effective ‘smaller’ chargers on the market today.

Regardless of when you need it, these Anker portable chargers are sure to fulfill your every need. This is something several people love about the product. It’s always tremendous to have a product one can rely on at all times. The size of the device is also something most like about it.

It’s not too big or too small.

It seamlessly slides into your pocket or backpack, never feeling too bulky or out of place. However, its durable enough to seem like it is a heavier model. This allows you to drop it and not worry about it working. Although, we do not recommend running it over with your car or something.

It’s durable but it’s not made of Vibranium, T’Challa.

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  • Up to 4 charges
  • Combines 3 fast-charging technologies
  • Surge protection
  • Excellent price
  • Casing not as robust as other models


12) Anker PowerCore Lite 20000

mAh Capacity
20,000 mAh
6.1 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches

This Anker 20000 mAh portable charger is an ultra-slim power bank with ultra-high capacity. It is sure to catch the attention of anyone who has ever considered getting a portable charger. Bringing 7 full charges and dual-USB ports to the table, it’s certainly something to think about.

The best part is that the good times don’t stop rolling there.

Also included is a trickle-charging mode that helps preserve your charger’s battery life for when you’re not in a hurry. That gives everyone the chance to relax. We also could not overlook its 20,000 mAh charging power, which is among the industry’s highest levels.

This on top of the hyper-safe charging features and incredibly reliable USB-C compatibility. All of this combines to make it one of the very best Anker portable chargers that money can buy.

It’s highly recommended, and we’re certainly not shocked about that at all.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Over 7 charges
  • Two USB ports
  • Trickle-charging mode
  • Safe charging
  • Doesn’t support quick charging


13) Anker Astro Slim3

mAh Capacity
6,000 mAh
2.8 x 0.5 x 5.3 inches

The Astro Slim3 is a modest behemoth of a charger that is slimmer yet more powerful than similar capacity chargers. This model comes in an easy-to-grip case, ensuring drops to be rare. It’s also very lightweight for simple and convenient portability.

You can take this to work, school, or heck….even Disney World.

Regardless of where these Anker portable chargers can work to charge up your device. While it is a smaller 6,000 mAh, this is still insanely powerful. It’ll especially be beloved when you’re in a bind and need it to charge your dead phone, tablet, or laptop.

Something else to think about is the built-in USB cable. This has proven to be very popular and saves you the hassle and panic of wondering ‘Did I bring a cable?’

With these Ankert portable chargers, the answer is always yes! That is something we expect from all chargers, and we’re happy Anker has provided it with this model.

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  • Slim, lightweight, and compact
  • Extra USB port included
  • Built-in USB cable
  • Fast-charging
  • Power bank takes a long time to recharge


Fully Charged

Anker portable chargers are a great way to ensure that you never run out of battery on your phone or tablet. Those times of desperately searching for a socket are long gone. You can now charge your device from the comfort of your backpack, so why wouldn’t you do it?

If you don’t, you run the risk of being looked down upon as a neanderthal, a techno-heathen, or perhaps someone “not with the times, maaannn.”

These devices provide you with peace of mind, likely their biggest asset. Your devices will always be in safe hands with them as a result, which is a key need.

In fact, these chargers come in handy more often than you might expect.

Save yourself the stress and disappointment of constantly checking a phone that isn’t even on. Consider Anker portable chargers when you’re nearly dead phone gets on your nerves yet again. You might not think a little battery device could change your life, but you’d be wrong.

We may sound insane, perhaps a little melodramatic. However, you’ll never know until you try, and there’s no better brand to go with than Anker when it comes to chargers. That said, check these items out again if you must.

However, we’re pretty sure you found one you love already.