When it comes to eating, the wait time becomes a challenge especially when hunger is the enemy. Time is precious when cooking and hunger collide. Now with the Prepd Chef Skillet, food prep is fast and a breeze.

The cast-iron skillet is a quintessential must-have in any kitchen setup as it is versatile: you can bake, fry, and sear with it. The downside is they usually come in muscle-wrenching weight. You’d rather retire it in the back of your cupboard and go for a nonstick pan instead.

However, the Prepd Chef Skillet combines the convenience of a nonstick and cast-iron pan sans the heft. It is 30 percent lighter but still maintains the offerings found in a traditional cast-iron skillet. You can bake, fry, saute, sear, and do more with it. This is all thanks to a mix of precise and careful processes that renders its polished and smooth cooking surface: cooking with oil becomes a foreign method.

Precision-machining helps smoothen the rough cooking surface. Then it is seasoned with 4x layers of grapeseed oil and each layer is baked at high temperature for over an hour. This produces a completely natural non-stick surface sans the synthetic chemicals so high heat is not a problem during cooking.

Outside of its non-stick surface and lighter weight, this kitchen must-have also boasts an ergonomic design. Its contoured shape lets you maneuver the skillet easily so you can cook with ease. Best of all, the Prepd Chef Skillet works on any cooktop be it induction, gas burner, oven, and even grill top. This makes it an all-around kitchen staple for all your cooking needs.

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Images courtesy of Prepd