The Weber Workshops EG-1 transcends your coffee experience to new heights. It is not your typical coffee grinder with its state-of-the-art modern and functional design.

This machine looks more like a mini telescope than a grinder. Its knob to choose the size of the coffee grounds resembles that of the focusing dial found in telescopes. It also has a support base and a tubular body positioned as if poised for gazing at the sky.

The Weber Workshops EG-1 does make you wonder in awe, not at the sky but at its systems. This is a flat burr grinder best suited with the brand’s Bean Cellars to give you cafe-style goodness straight to your home with its streamlined system of bringing single-dose portioned coffee beans.

This machine is best for pour-over coffee and espresso preparation. It uses the brand’s CORE magnetically mounted burr to eliminate screws common on disc burr setups. This allows for easy adjustment to burr alignment and for easy access during cleaning and maintenance.

The Weber Workshops EG-1 works on all voltages 90v-240v worldwide. It comes with a blind shaker commonly used by competitive baristas worldwide and the CORE burrs also come pre-installed. An additional fee gives you the ULTRA burrs for pour-over and the BASE burrs for a bimodal grind.

The Weber Workshops EG-1 is also available in ONYX. This design comes with a full-grain black leather tamping mat and a set of ULTRA burrs. This piece also gives you the option to add a blackened charcoal finish on the wooden caddy of the Bean Cellars.

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Images courtesy of Weber Workshops