There have been surprising reviews regarding Apple’s latest gadgets which came out last year. One deals with the removal of Force Touch from the latest Apple Watch models. Others talk about the company’s decision to no longer ship their products with chargers and earphones in the box. Its most recent product release was the AirPods Max, which continues to receive criticism from users for a lot of reasons. Thankfully, Waterfield has a solution for one of those issues called the Shield Case

In what the majority of tech pundits define as a major step back for innovative technology, the AirPods Max does not have a dedicated power button. Instead, Apple ships their costly over-ear cans with a Smart Case. This automatically triggers what the manufacturer calls “ultralow power mode” the moment you slip the headphones in.

However, the accessory leaves some parts susceptible to damage. Waterfield hopes to address that oversight in a stylish and classy way. The Shield Case can accommodate the AirPods Max with or without the Smart Case. To activate the power-saving feature it uses what they call a Magnetic Leather Butterfly system.

We love how it folds down flat to accommodate the headphones with the first-party Smart Case on. It also doubles as a barrier to prevent the aluminum earcups from scratching one another. Plus, the embedded magnets engage the sleep mode as well.

The exterior of the Shield Case is crafted out of full-grain leather with a zippered front pocket and back mesh pocket. The interior has a plush lining with soft foam inserts to protect your AirPods Max. Waterfield ships this out of San Francisco, California by batches, so grab yours now.

Order it now – $99.00

Images courtesy of Waterfield