Just barely a month after the launch of the AirPods Max, Caviar is already showcasing perhaps the most lavish version of the headphones. This is the final item in the Russian jeweler’s Premiere 2021 catalog of premium products. A lot of you are probably aware of the device’s shortcomings as pointed out by tech pundits, but it seems not enough to deter Apple’s legion of fanatics. When extravagance is the goal, the Gold Black and Gold White do not disappoint.

Originally, Apple’s design group were hoping for a user-replaceable headband. However, sources claim internal testing exposed its ergonomic flaws. When you plan to listen to your tunes with a pair of full-sized headphones, comfort is a crucial aspect to consider. Therefore, the idea was abandoned in favor of a fixed configuration. This time the stainless-steel structure on the Gold Black and Gold White get a posh upgrade.

Gone are the soft polyurethane material which has been replaced with genuine crocodile leather in white or black. The knit mesh canopy appears to be intact and matches the color of the reptile skin. Along its length are two 18-karat gold rings with the Caviar badging to flaunt its exclusivity. The golden hardware continues to the telescoping arms of the AirPods Max all the way to the ear cups.

Instead of anodized aluminum, the latter is now in 18-karat 750 gold. Finally, the memory foam pads match the color of either the Gold White or Gold Black variant. Caviar did not specify if the units will ship with a different case than the regular AirPods Max. Only one unit of each colorway will be available for purchase.

Buy – $108,000

Images courtesy of Caviar