Sadly, travel will never be like it used to if the pandemic does not end soon. As some regions enforce lockdowns once more until the vaccine completely rids the world of the 2019 novel coronavirus, we’re stuck here debating where to go next. Thanks to the Gateway Foundation and the Orbital Assembly Corporation, we have the Voyager Station to dream of.

Those with a fear of flying or heights, in general, should sit this one out. Why, you ask? Well, because this journey requires a lot of guts to sit inside something that uses rocket fuel to achieve lift-off. Yes, this is a step on your way to one heck of an accommodation.

Moreover, it comes with a view that’s to die for. The Voyager Station made its debut in 2019, but the low Earth orbit structure will begin construction in 2025. It’s mind-blowing that what was once the stuff of science fiction is now becoming reality.

When the space hotel finally reaches completion in the years to come, it can house up to 400 guests. Aside from rooms – in the form of pods – the Voyager Station will have options for its those who visit. Restaurants, recreational facilities, theaters, are just a few of what the developers plan to install.

Reusable rocket technology like the ones from SpaceX should keep costs down overall. The folks behind this monumental endeavor still have a lot to share about the Voyager Station. For example, weightlessness shouldn’t be a problem as an artificial gravity system will keep your feet firmly planted. We can’t wait to learn more about this groundbreaking project.

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Images courtesy of Gateway Foundation