The staff here at Men’s Gear love the fact the eco-mindfulness is becoming a trend among consumers and manufacturers. There is a remarkable change in how designers and engineers come up with a way to minimize unnecessary waste. However, ocean plastic still remains the biggest problem that’s plaguing environmentalists. Thankfully, ways on how to put these non-biodegradable materials to use exist. In a bid to battle climate change in any way possible, Volvo presents the XC60 T8 Hybrid.

It may not look like much at first glance, but the Swedish marque has a secret behind this SUV. It’s amazing to learn that the company plans to make a big change by infusing its vehicles with as many recycled components as ever. Hence, to demonstrate how it will go about this, the XC60 T8 Hybrid sports various types of plastic in its construction.

We’ve seen this before when Adidas partnered with Parley for the Oceans to create footwear from collected marine plastic. Then there’s that exclusive timepiece collection from Oris that also features waste plastic. Volvo might be taking its cue from these outstanding brands to equip its vehicles in many ways.

Setting its target by the year 2025, all models in Volvo’s catalog will feature around 25% recycled materials. In fact, the XC60 T8 Hybrid uses marine plastic bottles for the seats. Meanwhile, the floor mats and carpets come from fishing nets. Finally, they’re even turning plastic tomato sauce and shampoo bottles into panels for luggage compartments. The automaker is just one of the many that are moving forward to full electrification down the line.

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Images courtesy of Volvo