If you’re thinking that the eco-friendly movement is just for carmakers, then you’re clearly missing out. Widen your search parameters a little bit and you’ll see that there’s more to it than emission-free rides. Doing everything we can to save the environment for future generations has our full support. That’s why we are featuring items that show our readers that sustainability is doable and can be cool at the same time. How, you ask? Well, take a look at the upcoming Parley X Adidas Alphaedge 4D and you’ll understand what we mean.

The German sportswear company is embracing new and futuristic manufacturing processes to create unique kicks. Earlier this month, Adidas unveiled the Futurecraft Loop, a high-performance footwear designed for running and made from fully recyclable materials. Every part of this shoe uses TPU that goes through special processes to make it soft, hard, and even flexible. On the other hand, the collaboration with Parley for the Oceans applies a different approach. Save for the ADIDAS 4D midsole, the upper is crafted from collected marine plastic debris.

Adidas is calling the material Ocean Plastic and credits Alexander Taylor for its application. Other than the sustainable upper, the Parley X Adidas Alphaedge 4D is all about the one-of-a-kind midsole. The company is 3D-printing these using Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology. The process involves digital light projection, programmable liquid resins, and oxygen-permeable optics. You end up with a durable and flexible latticework that offers superior cushioning and stability for casual and athletic usage. We’re hoping that its success will lead to more colorways other than the Aero Green it comes with.

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Images courtesy of Adidas