Vollebak never disappoints when it comes to high-end unique and fashionable streetwear. They have introduced the puffer jacket, waterproof ski pants, squid jacket, blackout hoodie, and more. Now they have something rugged and designed as extreme outdoor gear: the Vollebak Indestructible Jacket.

This jacket is guaranteed to last for a lifetime thanks to its tough construction. It uses Dyneema Black fiber, a plastic called ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. It is said to be 15 times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than high-strength aramid fibers. The construction makes it highly rip and abrasion-resistant. The material harks back to the components of body armor, anti-ballistic vehicle armor, and tie-down ropes used for oil rigs. The fabric increases in strength under chilly conditions which makes it a great winter jacket.

Moreover, the Vollebak Indestructible Jacket comes with shatterproof, heat-resistant buttons made from corozo nuts, anchored with heavy-duty woven polyester military tape with reinforced stitches. The buttons are resistant to scratches, splinters, and to extreme temperatures and impact. Each jacket features 62 meters of stitching with over 35,000 stitches to ensure durability

This ruggedly handsome utility jacket is very versatile you can wear it anywhere and for almost anything. It is even lightweight so it’s not a burden on your back and shoulders. It feels like denim in chilly conditions but feels smooth and soft to the touch. You can even wear it as an overshirt and provides enough storage for on-the-go items.

The Vollebak Indestructible Jacket has two invisible chest pockets and two open chest pockets. It features a high double collar with snap fasteners that secure it in place so it can fully cover your hairline at the back and jawline at the front. It also has sleeves that stay rolled up for better mobility.

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Images courtesy of Vollebak