There are brand snobs who will tell you that anything other than luxury-tier timepieces is just as good as trash. We know this sounds offensive to horological enthusiasts who welcome more than just prestigious watchmaking names. Still, if we are wearing something like the Garbage Watch from Vollebak, then the aforementioned statement is as good as the finest compliment.

It may sound like another lame attempt at a joke, but the idea at the core of this funky wrist accessory is actually fascinating. With several products already showcased on our pages, the quality behind these is remarkable. Its latest project is still currently in the prototype stages, but the concept should please eco-conscious consumers.

Even with recycling programs in place, the electronics industry generates a lot of waste. Although most of the materials can be recovered, others just end up in landfills. Vollebak saw an opportunity to reuse these with the help of Wallpaper* Re-Made. The odd mix of recovered components gives the Garbage Watch its signature look.

Development is still in the early stages so it might be difficult to find answers to all of your questions. For example, we’re not sure if Vollebak intends to build all units to match the template you see. In our opinion, it would be so cool if every Garbage Watch sports a distinct arrangement of components.

From a feasibility standpoint, it is possible but could jack up the cost due to the bespoke nature of the timepieces. Still, if Vollebak manages to pull that off, each Garbage Watch would turn into highly collectible artisan examples. The design shows a rectangular case with an open-work dial and what seems like a small seconds sub-dial. Overall, its whimsical, sophisticated, and eco-friendly.

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Images courtesy of Vollebak