As much as we prefer the traditional configuration for our rides, the impact of combustion engines urges us to take action. Every effort no matter how irrelevant it may seem will contribute to the recovery of mother nature. Therefore, we try to push ourselves and encourage others to be more mindful of our actions. To help us along the way, Vitamix introduces the FoodCycler FC-50.

If you call the kitchen a place of refuge in your home, then it’s likely that you’ve heard of the brand. In fact, most of us recognize it as the manufacturer of high-performance blenders and other meal preparation equipment. As for the FoodCycler FC-50, it will help households turn food scraps into something beneficial.

Instead of just throwing leftovers from cooking and eating, Vitamix helps you convert that into another type of nutrition. It might not be for human consumption, but it will make the plants in your garden quite happy. Since we practically depend on our verdant friends to live, it’s the least we can do.

This compact and nature-friendly gadget virtually eliminates the need for store-bought fertilizers. Instead, it puts whatever is left behind from your meals to good use. Taking up only a cubic foot of space, there will be no problem finding a spot for the FoodCycler FC-50 in your kitchen.

No worries about foul odors lingering thanks to the carbon filter lid of the FoodCycler FC-50. Vitamix says that its silent operation makes it the ideal food waste disposal alternative. Once the contents are empty, just put the removable waste bucket in the dishwasher and it’s ready for action once the cycle is complete.

Buy – $399.95

Images courtesy of Vitamix