If you’re looking for a quick getaway from the hassle and bustle of urban living but don’t want to venture too far, then the Vita Foras Village is your rural refuge. It is a cabin community just two and a half hours away from Manhattan, New York at Catskills Mountain.

Graphic designer James Brown draws from Scandinavian and Japanese inspiration in the design and construction of the cabins. They come prefabricated and constructed with glass interiors that open to the rustic landscape. The cabins also come with radiant heating and double-sided floor-to-ceiling poured-concrete fireplaces.

Vita Foras, Latin for life outdoors, is going to be a community of sustainable homes or cabins with modern furnishings. But they are designed to integrate with the landscape. This means the use of wood, metal, and concrete in the construction. It is a high-style rural living but in the woods. The houses also don’t come cheap. Brown estimates it to be around $900,000 and sees the upper millennial who has outgrown the mansions in the Hamptons being the target buyers. Brown has enlisted architect Alex Barret on his project and he will render the houses for construction.

A sample home from the Vita Foras community features a decked patio with muted torches on the wall, slanted roof, and expansive sliding glass windows that look out into the woods. Concrete walls and wood floors adorn the interior. Brown said that each of the 1,800-square-foot homes will have three bedrooms and will sit on lots of three to seven acres of land.

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Photo courtesy of Vita Foras