Working from home does have its perks when it comes to convenience. No need to expose yourself to pollution and unpredictable weather that comes from the daily commute. In fact, we get to have more leisure time once all assigned tasks are completed. If you’re looking for a gadget that can impart some visual flair to your otherwise boring desk, then check out the Nixie Tube Clock IV-18 VFD.

This remarkable timekeeper is one of the many from VintageTubeClocks that you can go for. The skill and effort that go into each of these handmade items are in full display. The Nixie Tube Clock IV-18 VFD boasts an equal mix of modern and retro elements to make it stand out. Except for what’s inside, it uses acrylic and stainless-steel components.

The Nixie Tube Clock IV-18 VFD measures 5.9 inches x 1.57 inches x 3.54 inches (LxWxH). It ships from Ukraine and is uses a power adapter that supports most socket types. Moreover, the dual-voltage system makes it compatible in any country across the globe.

Within the transparent acrylic enclosure, you can view the inner workings of this clock. Not that there are any mechanical moving parts to gawk at. Instead, you have the circuit board and the VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) unit.

VintageTubeClocks claims the technology dates back to 1990 and hails from the Soviet Union at the time. Aside from telling time, the Nixie Tube Clock IV-18 VFD is also promising more functionalities. You can set an alarm, view the date, and more. You can find the control button at the back along with the power port.

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Images courtesy of VintageTubeClocks