We may be in the advent of great modern technology but nothing beats the classic. Take for instance the Retio, a retro radio/speaker designed to bring nostalgia straight into your home or office.

This device takes you back to the times when Nixie tubes were prevalent: the 90s. Nowadays, they are rarely available in record shops or electrical supply stores. The designers behind Retio collected them from various sources to come up with this elegant and functional craftsmanship that not only brings music to your ears but takes you back to the golden times too.

The Nixie tubes are front and center in the design appeal as they not only tell the time. They also show the duration between your listening sessions. Those warm glow coming from the tubes adds ambiance and provides enough illumination in the dark.

The Retio is technically a clock and radio that offers AM/FM tuning. But if you hate going through stations then you can use it as a Bluetooth receiver too so it can play your personal music collection. It also has an Aux connection and belts out Hi-Fi sound quality.

Each Retio is handcrafted in the San Francisco Bay Area with meticulous care and attention to detail to make it stand out. It is made of American black walnut and adorned with 360 brass for the dials and around the corners. It stands sturdy on a couple of wooden stilts that make it somehow resemble those vintage TV sets. Best of all, it uses original IN-12 Nixie Tubes.

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Images courtesy of Retio