Grilling is a method of cooking that produces some of the most mouth-watering aromas there is known to man. Even some gas types have smoker boxes that can hold wood chips of your choice to give your food that smoky heavenly flavor. As such, if you’re serious about becoming a master of the craft, invest only in the best gear. For those looking for an exotic option, the Virtuoso by Vilicci is as good as it gets.

One of the key specifications when it comes to grills is the thickness and quality of the metal. This greatly affects heat retention which is crucial for superior sears and quicker cooking. The Virtuoso features thick panels of stainless steel with a bit of brass to make it resistant to corrosion and help retain its shape.

This also makes it easy to clean and is more hygienic in contrast to other materials. Velocci is designing the Virtuoso to be more durable than what other leading brands can hope to deliver. It features a 39-inch diameter and 0.55-inch thick cooktop with a 17.1-inch diameter grill grate.

This luxury-grade freestanding grill stands 39.8 inches from cooktop to the ground. The adjustable tripod legs provide excellent stability on most surfaces. This flagship model from Vilicci is not like the others. Instead, it sports a hexagonal cone-shaped structure that houses a height-adjustable inner fire chamber.

Meanwhile, strategic vents allow air to circulate and help the fire burn evenly. There’s even a six-skewer rotisserie that you can manually rotate. Vilicci is all bout complete control with the Virtuoso. Condiment holders and tool hooks along with a shelf make food preparation a breeze.

Buy – $16,138

Images courtesy of Vilicci