So far, we have been regularly bringing you awesome cooking equipment that we happen to stumble upon online. Among the ones we have featured, grills will always be a part of our arsenal. Yes, eating great food is a hobby of ours and likely yours as well. Thus, never skimp out on quality when it comes to your gear. LoCo Cookers wants you to check out their 90 QT Boiler.

Those who live or have been to the southern areas in the U.S. know that low country boil is a must-try specialty. If you have no idea what this dish is all about, then you’re likely missing out on some seriously good eats. Thankfully, the 90 QT Boiler from LoCo Cookers will let you make it from scratch at home.

You, no longer need to go on a road trip or drop by your local establishments that serve it. Just set up the 90 QT Boiler in an open space – preferably your backyard or patio. The whole thing weighs a hefty 170 lbs, but the wheelbarrow handles and wagon wheels make it easy to move around.

This durable freestanding boiler has parts made of steel to withstand the heat and exposure to the elements. It features two dual jet propane burners, which LoCo Cookers claim can boil water in 25 minutes. What helps is the V-shape QuickBoil Pot system.

Cleanup is easy. just twist the 1.5-inch drain valve to quickly empty the liquid contents of the 90 QT Boiler. To minimize heat loss and prevent splashes, the all-access chute lets you drop ingredients and spices inside. LoCo Cookers even equips it with a fold-down prep shelf.

Buy – $699.99

Images courtesy of LoCo Cookers