Pocket knives are versatile in nature. They make great outdoor and survival tools and can even perform small jobs at the garage. But when it comes packed with utility tools then it becomes an essential everyday carry. The Victorinox Mexican Zarape Classic SD pocket knife, for one, makes a great addition to your collection of pocket tools.

This miniature knife reflects this year’s winner of the brand’s annual design project. It is one of ten limited-edition releases that celebrate the theme “Patterns of the World.” It is a limited-edition Swiss Army pocket knife that boasts colorful aesthetics on its Cellidor scales. It features the bright, rainbow-colored stripes of Mexican Zarape shawls and blankets. Each side comes with different patterns.

Aside from its attractive layout, this keychain tool packs essential tools for small and quick indoor and outdoor fixes. The Victorinox Mexican Zarape Classic SD pocket knife comes with seven functions. These include a small blade, scissors, a nail file, and a screwdriver 2.55mm. It also has a key ring to hang the knife along with your bunch of keys. Then there’s a toothpick that could come in handy when the occasion calls for it and tweezers.

The Victorinox Mexican Zarape Classic SD pocket knife is small enough to fit in any pocket, handbag, pouch, or glove compartment. It only measures 2.25 inches when closed and has a height of 0.4 inches. Likewise, it is lightweight despite its added tools. It only weighs 0.7 ounces which makes it a great summertime carry. It feels comfortable in the hands and in the pocket and pleasing to the eyes.

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Images courtesy of Victorinox