When it comes to watch design, most of us look for the most intricate and expensive models. However, there are moments when simplicity shines brighter than the most dazzling aesthetics. We have an example to show our readers exactly what we’re talking about. The Victorinox I.N.O.X. Carbon Mechanical comes with a sleek and dark colourway that can easily match any outfit. Most of all we find the materials used in its construction actually looks awesome up close.

Most people know how the manufacturer tests its products. I.N.O.X. watches need to pass a gruelling series of quality checks in order to be deemed ready for production. Due to the nature of its configuration mechanical models can barely survive impacts and intense vibration. However, Victorinox was able to fine-tune the components to meet its strict standards. Hence, what you have here is one of the most durable timekeepers in the market.

Guessing the material of choice for this watch must be obvious by now thanks to the name. The 43 mm case is carbon composite, which is highly resistant to scratches unlike most metals on other models. Moreover, the material can also withstand high temperatures. Meanwhile, underneath the triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal lens is an edgy black dial.

The indices and hands sport SuperLuminova coating for low-light visibility. The Victorinox I.N.O.X. Carbon Mechanical features a titanium exhibition case back for a peek inside the Stellita SW200 automatic movement. The 38-hour power reserve should be adequate enough to keep the timepiece ticking even after a day off your wrist. Finishing of this elegant item is a black rubber bracelet. The package comes with a Spartan PS knife and a black protective bumper.

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Images courtesy of Victorinox