Lunar landing tie-ins are showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. Truth is, we want it to keep on coming just to show how much the world loves the groundbreaking moment. It’s awe-inspiring to recall that 50 years ago, people could rightfully say that there is indeed a man on the moon. Earlier, a Swiss sports apparel brand offered a stellar-themed item – the On Cloud Edge Moonlight. Now, another Swiss brand is hot on its heels with its own homage to the epic journey. The Victorinox Man on the Moon Tinker Special Edition 2019.

In place of the red scales and silver tools, this commemorative model features a unique aesthetic presentation. Each side of the handles is decorated with images of the moon landing. On one side, you have a picture of the lunar surface with a cluster of stars on the horizon. Flip it over and you’ll see another angle that showcases the landing gear of the lunar lander. Moreover, the exact date and time of the event are printed on as well.

Taking some design cues from the Spartan PS, the metal parts of this special variant comes with a darker shade. The stainless steel components sport a polispectral coating that adds a stylish black finish. There are 12 tools in total that reside within its cellidor scales. Longtime users of Swiss Army Knives should rest easy knowing that the usual suspects are available. Only 1,969 examples of the Victorinox Man on the Moon Tinker Special Edition 2019 will be available, so hurry up.

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Images courtesy of Victorinox