Do people still read reviews of Victorinox’s products? At this point the iconic Swiss army knife brand is such a household name that it’s the Colgate to toothpaste. Indeed, the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife is one of those few mainstream tools that you’d find owned even by people who don’t know the term Everyday Carry.

Heck, this product might have invented EDCs altogether. This year, Victorinox introduces the 2019 Limited Edition Victorinox Alox, in a gorgeous champagne gold color. There are three models, Pioneer being the largest. It’s still just 3.7-inch long and half an inch thick, perfectly sized for your pockets. It weighs just 2.5 ounces even with all the metal tools and Alox scales.

The classic Swiss army knife packs eight useful tools and congests them in a sturdy, well-crafted, and expertly designed enclosure. You get a can opener, a screwdriver, a reamer, a bottle opener, and who can forget, a 2.5-inch blade that’s super sharp and robust. And as great as these new models looks, they ain’t just for show. The scales are treated with an additional layer of protection against corrosion and wear and tear.

There are smaller options if you the Pioneer is too big for your liking. The Cadet and Classic models might be more apropos to your preferences. Big or small, these all come with the quality and assurance you’ve come to expect from Victorinox. Never venture out without this tool on your person. It might just be your ticket out of a sticky situation.