If you’re finally giving in and switching your full-size headphones for something more compact, now might be the best time for an upgrade. The craze surrounding true wireless (TWS) earbuds are at an all-time high right now. The AirPods and a boatload of its competitors are flooding the market with options, but you might want to Check out these bone-conduction headsets called the Verfolger.

What makes TWS earphones such a big hit among its users is their cordless nature. Without wires in the way, your range of motion is never affected. Still, there are issues pointed out which prompts owners to look for alternatives. Bone-conduction technology is not exactly new, but the Verfolger addresses the inconvenience of using it with eyeglasses.

Since most bone-conduction headsets need to be in contact near our jaw, a true wireless version would be difficult without a clip of some kind to hold them in place. Given that head shapes differ, Verfolger turns your glasses into the headband when you clip on the pair. The ergonomic form keeps it comfortable even during extended listening sessions.

This is a convenient system that’s perfect for users who find silicone eartips plugging their ear canal bothersome. It also ensures that there is no sound leakage, which some TWS earbuds suffer from. It lets you enjoy your tunes without bothering people around you.

Aside from a discreet listening experience, the sleek and slim design makes them look stylish. The Verfolger bone-conduction headsets ship with a rapid charging case that can fully charge them in 2 hours. A full battery should last up to 6 hours before they need to be juiced up. These are also sweatproof so workouts or light showers are no problem.

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Images courtesy of Verfolger