Recliners have seen their boost in this modern era of entertainment and relaxation. They provide comfort whether in sitting or reclined position. The Varier Gravity Chair provides both but sans the need for any mechanical controls normally found in typical recliners.

This chair lets you “relax into complete weightlessness.” As its name implies, it relies on your body’s gravitational pull to create the ideal comfortable position. The slightest shift of weight lets you change sitting positions which results in smooth transitions from one position to another.

The Varier Gravity Chair features four angles that let you change positions. Leaning forward turns it into a kneeling chair and a slight backward shift puts you in an upright sitting position. A slight push on the ground with your feet tilts you back in a reclined position.

One unique feature of this ingenious design not found in any other of its kind is its unique rocking movement. It gently moves with your breathing as you drift into weightlessness. When you lean all the way back you are in a fully reclined position wherein your legs are elevated above your heart. This allows the chair to move in sync with your breathing as if discreetly rocking you to sleep.

All the while, the Varier Gravity Chair provides lumbar and neck support. The space between the adjustable headrest and tilted backrest provides freedom of movement for arms and shoulders.

The Varier Gravity Chair does not only assure optimum comfort but also quality construction. The framework is from top quality beech plywood treated with several layers of veneer and made strong and flexible.

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Images courtesy of Varier Furniture