The Fellowes Elea Chair makes sitting all day at work comfortable and fun. This hanging chair lets you move freely while providing great back support.

When it comes to office chairs, optimum spinal support and comfort is a must. After all, you don’t want to have to slouch all day and suffer back pains later on. This innovative furnishing provides a more immersive experience to users. It boasts a futuristic design with its ergonomic suspended seat pan that moves with your body using a patent-pending Omni-Kinetic Suspension Technology that allows a more active work day. It allows for a more natural motion so you feel relax throughout the day.

The Fellowes Elea Chair uses industrial-grade alloy steel rods and cast aluminum frame for its load-bearing system. This ensures strong and durable support with every movement. Its curve chassis further enhances the support and comfort needed.

Meanwhile, a contoured back design supports natural spinal alignment and lumbar position to prevent neck, back, and shoulder pains. The addition of customizable adjustments for the height and seat tension enhances the leg and lumbar support, respectively. Three tilt lock positions lets you adjust seat settings and hubless casters let you roll the chair smooth on multiple surfaces.

The Fellowes Elea Chair even has air cushioning or gas shock that enhances suspended comfort using compressed air. A breathable mesh back and seat cushion provides airflow for airy comfort and reduced fatigue. This chair is not only effective in providing physical comfort at work but also a conversation piece in any work or home office setting.

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Images courtesy of Fellowes