“Just go surf, rinse, then repeat.” This is what the Vans Trek Slip-On promises to provide especially for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

These slip-on shoes boast all the Vans DNA we have all grown to know and love but with a twist. It combines both the protection one gets from wearing shoes and the comfort from wearing a pair of sandals. It takes inspiration from the Classic Slip-On silhouette and revamped it to a whole new level by using durable yet ultra-comfortable rubber.

The Vans Trek Slip-On uses a single piece of injected rubber deconstructed with checkerboard drainage holes for breathability. Combine that with an oversized reverse waffle sole for incredible traction and you got yourselves your next adventure footwear.

The holes on the upper allow water, sand, or whatever that goes in to easily go out. It also provides breathability to prevent sweat or allow moisture to dry out fast. Meanwhile, the waffle sole makes this slip-on a good pair to bring along with your travel gear or to any outdoor adventure for that matter, whether you’re off camping, trekking, fishing, or swimming.

Best of all, having a single solid injected construction means the Vans Trek Slip-On is convenient to pack. It makes it collapsible so you can easily stow it away inside your bag without it taking up too much space. It is also lightweight, further adding to its portability for on-the-go travel. And because it is made of rubber, it means it can easily be rinsed or scrubbed clean.

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Images courtesy of Vans