Over the years, we have seen Vanderhall Motor Works introduce an all-electric variant of its three-wheeled roadsters. The Edison and Edison 2 dropped the engine of its traditional models for a twin 52 kW electric motor setup. In 2021, fans of the marque will be able to take the fun with them beyond their usual route. With the Navarro, they’re adding another wheel and off-road capabilities.

We are just as surprised as you when we found out about their new machine. After always seeing upgrades for their iconic roadsters, the Navarro switches things up. Not only is this bad-boy ready to rough and tumble across challenging terrain, but it will also do it minus any emissions. That’s right, Vanderhall is giving us an all-electric ATV for guilt-free overlanding adventures.

The Navarro is a 4WD side-by-side that promises exceptional performance and fun synonymous with the Vanderhall name. According to the company, they’re basing it on their Matrix platform. This apparently allows their engineers to skip some steps in the prototyping process. Instead, they can craft a production-grade chassis quicker and move up to other development requirements.

Given its off-road specifications, Vanderhall is equipped with a robust suspension system. Moreover, the massive all-terrain tires will effortlessly tackle any path. The driver and passenger will sit within an enclosed cockpit. The designers are also giving it transparent doors to keep the ground visible. It provides a clear view to help owners maneuver around obstacles on the ground. Details about the Navarro’s electric powertrain are currently unavailable but will likely be exceptional.

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Images courtesy of Vanderhall Motor Works