When companies add superlatives to the name of their product, it’s usually a form of marketing gimmick. Not only does it sound cool, but it also gives people an idea of what to expect if they are interested. Mercedes-Benz needs no introduction when it comes to automotive excellence and their 2024 G-Class “Stronger than Diamonds” Edition is called such for a reason.

At first, we assumed the G-Wagen in question here was a bespoke build for an esteemed client, but it’s reportedly a limited production run. We learned that German marque has allocated 300 examples of the G-Class “Stronger Than Diamonds” Edition to commemorate this year’s Valentine’s Day. As such, the aesthetics needed to convey the celebration of love.

To start us off, Mercedes-Benz takes a 2024 model year G 550 and applies a custom metallic pink coat to the exterior. The paint job is officially called MANUFAKTUR Rosewood Grey Magno and it’s far from gaudy. Perhaps it’s the subtle tone they opted for instead of a vibrant shade which enhances its cosmetic appeal.

As we hinted at earlier, the G-Class “Stronger than Diamonds” Edition is dubbed as such courtesy of the 0.25-carat diamonds embedded within the stainless steel door locking pins. Moreover, the door handles are likewise adorned with an embossed diamond emblem. The manufacturer continues the motif inside as rosé stitching contrasts the black Nappa leather upholstery.

Exclusive to the SUV are special branding elements in stainless steel found on the door sills and grab handles. To guarantee the stones used by Mercedes-Benz are sourced ethically, each G-Class “Stronger than Diamonds” Edition ships with a Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) certificate. Last, but not least, is the key fob with a silver medallion decorated with a diamond.

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Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz