You’ve heard about muscle cars, right? Perhaps you drive one or are currently in the middle of a restoration project. However, did you know the shipbuilding industry has a counterpart for these types of vehicles? Announced by Victory Marine, this aggressively outlined vessel deserves its distinction as the world’s first “hyper muscle yacht.” Here comes the Bolide 80.

Behind the blueprint is Brunello Acampora as he flexes 37 years of experience into a sleek silhouette designed to achieve adrenaline-pumping speeds over water. This 81-footer has reportedly undergone sea trials and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Should owners max out the throttle, it can hit speeds of up to 86.5 mph depending on sea conditions.

Contributing to this remarkable capability is the use of carbon fiber to build its stepped planing hull. Then there’s also the subject of the propulsion system wherein the output is rated at 6,000 horsepower. The man behind this project firmly believes the Bolide 80 will exceed expectations when it cuts travel time by half.

Apart from its outstanding performance, those who were lucky enough to experience it in person had mixed opinions about everything else. There’s no question luxury has been accounted for as premium materials adorn the interior and exterior of the ship. Topside, we have multiple lounging areas as well as the cockpit.

The helm area is upholstered in burnt-sienna leather and features an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel. Up to three people can strap in to enjoy the Bolide 80’s capabilities in the most immersive way possible. When you want to relax after a day of thrills, the lower deck welcomes guests with its lavish leather trims and carbon fiber elements curated by Loro Piana.

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Images courtesy of Bolide Yachts