Volkswagen’s Transporter, also called the Kombi (short for Kombinationskraftwagen), is a classic van that remains a favorite donor vehicle for camper conversions. Provided you can still find one in excellent running condition, some shops specialize in its restoration and modification into a stylish motorhome. Type 2 Campers, on the other hand, offers the T2.3 as a contemporary alternative.

We fully understand nothing can come close to the original, but are also aware of the staggering costs these projects can amount to. Therefore, why not consider a brand-new turnkey alternative instead? “Designed for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an easy-to-operate, EV-towable camper with timeless style and top-notch comfort,” describes the manufacturer.

The team understands just how much some nostalgic outdoor enthusiasts long for the iconic aesthetics of the VW van. Therefore, great care has been taken to incorporate those familiar elements into a modern platform like the T2.3. It measures 9’6″ long, 5′ wide, and 7′ high (pop-up roof retracted). It can be configured in three ways to suit the owner’s needs.

Choose between the Sleeper, Sleeper +, and Kitchenette packages — each with a distinct layout. The flagship setup includes a convertible U-shaped dinette with a table that turns into a 6′ bed, an electric induction cooktop, a stainless steel sink, a fold-away faucet, and more. A rear liftgate hatch provides convenient access to extra storage spaces.

Your main point of entry is a door on the right flank of the caravan, which leads to the living area with a sizeable 6’4″ ceiling height when the pop-up roof is deployed. Three windows on each side and one on the rear allow natural light to illuminate the interiors by day. The T2.3 is available in Silver White, Sealing Wax Red, Dove Blue, Mouse Grey, and Turquoise paint jobs.

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Images courtesy of Type 2 Campers