Now you can get a cozy steaming bath even when in the great outdoors with the Harvia ATV Sauna. It’s an all-terrain, off-road sauna that you can literally take anywhere with you.

There’s nothing like a warm relaxing bath after a tiring day out rock climbing, trekking, or hiking. After all, a warm bath is good for sore muscles. This ATV sauna gives you the spa-like treatment in the middle of the great outdoors. It uses Harvia M3 SL wood-burning stove but uses up a small amount of wood. This makes it easy and convenient to set up and heat. The stove has a WL400 protective sheath and a 22-liter pipe model water heater ensures you get superior heat while you bathe.

The Harvia ATV Sauna is constructed from Ultratec and its frame and shaft have extra reinforcement to maintain safety measures. Meanwhile, XPS thermal insulation boards found between the inner wood paneling and steel panel exterior provides insulation. Since this is an outdoor sauna, a shaft support leg ensures it securely stays in place even when placed on uneven terrain. The addition of strong four-ply low-pressure off-road tires keeps it balanced and standing even when towed over rocky plains.

Best of all, the Harvia ATV Sauna has a spacious interior. It can accommodate up to four bathers. It has a width of 47.24 inches and a depth of 78.74 inches. Its weight is just right for its size and purpose at 480kg. It has a max weight capacity of 1000 kg and a width max of 59.05 inches.

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Images courtesy of Harvia Sauna & Spa