The last time a project helmed by Khyzyl Saleem graced our pages was in 2022 when the Volkswagen Beetle GT3 Concept debuted. This German automobile was by no means a track-ready platform, but the example in question was an exception. The concept designer’s latest venture definitely does not disappoint. Here is the TWR Supercat and you can order one right now.

Why settle for the usual turnkey machines on display at dealerships when a bespoke option is available? Although the TWR Supercat is not exclusive to a single build, the professional craftsmanship with superior attention to detail and performance is well worth the cost. Also, another fascinating selling point is the donor vehicle.

While Saleem’s reputation in the automotive scene makes him a powerhouse in this venture, the involvement of Magnus Walker as the design consultant further elevates its appeal. Both Brits are taking an iconic classic — a Jaguar XJS — and turning it into a contemporary restomod.

The clean lines of its sleek carbon fiber exterior imply this is a beast you don’t want to trifle with. Aesthetics can only take it so far, which is why TWR equips the Supercat with a potent powertrain. Under the composite hood is a supercharged V12 mill with a rated output beyond 600 horsepower.

The number is a far cry from the modest 300 horsepower generated by Jaguar’s stock V6. It’s connected to a manual transmission system to provide owners with a pure motoring experience. Interested parties need not wait long as TWR plans to ship out the Supercat later this year. Finally, the production is limited to 88 units.

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Images courtesy of TWR